Quad Industries’ In-House Manufacturing Expertise

Quad Industries Babbitt Bearings

Quad Industries Inc. is committed to providing unparalleled customer service and fine Babbitt bearing products. We do so by manufacturing all of our products on-site, and have found over the years that there are many benefits to keeping our business all within our facilities in Bradford, Tennessee. Keep reading as we discuss the quality of Quad Industries products and the benefits of in-house manufacturing expertise

Benefits of In-House Manufacturing

  • Experienced Team: Quad Industries was founded in 1986, after four industry professionals purchased a business that had been in existence since 1909. Our staff is composed of experts who have been manufacturing with us for 30+ years. When you order from us, know that the quality and consistency of our products is due to our trustworthy technicians. 
    • Quality Control: Because everything is made in-house, you don’t have to worry about faulty parts or shoddy workmanship. We are able to control the entire production process, from design, scheduling, and inspection, and are therefore able to adjust to your needs and schedule with ease. Other companies may outsource parts from a variety of suppliers and even countries, leading to inconsistency and irregularities in their products. 
  • In-House Tooling: You won’t ever wait for tooling with Quad Industries. All of our tooling is made in-house by our professional tool makers, who have everything needed to complete your bearing projects right here! 

Quad Industries Babbitt Bearings 

Our bearing offerings range from style, size and material so that you can find the proper product for your needs. While we are not a design facility, we do have an in-house engineer available to assist you with any needs you may have beyond our standard bearing offerings. 

  • Thin Wall Bearings: Thin wall bearings are designed for use in numerous applications and offer unique features that other rolling-element bearings do not have. Selecting the right thin wall bearing for each project requires detailed knowledge of the application requirements and experience with bearing technology. Quad Industries bearing experts are available to help to make sure you choose the right bearing for your needs.
  • Heavy Wall Bearings: Heavy wall bearings are very similar to our thin wall bearings with the exception of the wall being greater than .187. This standard therefore provides the name “heavy wall” bearings. Depending on your particular bearing needs, we can create heavy wall bearings with walls ranging from .187 to 1 inch or greater. This specific type of bearing is typically found in heavy duty pumps and turbines which turn slower RPM’s, yet produce more force. 
  • Centrifugal Wall Bearings: Centrifugal cast bearings made with Babbitt metal are manufactured using centrifugal force and a chemical reaction to bond S.A.E. 15 or S.A.E. 12 to a steel or bronze base housing in the form of a turned tube.
  • Aluminum Bearings: Aluminum babbitt bearings work well in harsher environments thanks to their  durability. Aluminum bearings have good load bearing strength, are wear resistant, and have a higher load-carrying capacity than other options.

At Quad Industries, we believe in offering quality products to our loyal customers. Our products are proudly made in the USA and have been since the start. We can be contacted at 1-800-344-6222 or via our website for help with orders to provide more information!

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