The Versatility of Quad Industries’ Aluminum Bearings

Quad Industries Babbitt Bearings

Aluminum is a very versatile product. It is tough, wear-resistant, has a high load capacity, and can work under intense pressure at very high speeds. These qualities make it a great choice for aluminum Babbitt bearings. Our Quad Industries technicians produce a variety of aluminum bearings that will work well in the more demanding conditions you may need them for. 

Aluminum Bearing Uses

Aluminum is used in everything from everyday products like cans and kitchenware to engines and airplane parts. When we manufacture aluminum bearings, we generally see our parts used in the following equipment: 

  • Roll-Neck Bearings in Steel Mills: The wear resistance of aluminum works well in roll-neck bearings, allowing for movement within the machinery without worry of rust or wear. 
  • Aircraft Equipment: When you work on planes, you want to ensure that the hardware involved is as safe as possible. That’s where aluminum parts play a role: its high resistance to corrosion and high load-carrying capacity make it ideal for aircraft construction. 
  • Hydraulic Gear Pumps: Aluminum has superior thermal conductivity to other metals, making it effective at dissipating heat during the pumping process. Especially when the fluid being transferred through the gear pump generates heat, aluminum is an ideal gear pump material as it prevents the pump from overheating and allows the machine to work at its optimal temperature. 

Quad Industries Aluminum Bearing Options

When you need quality, durable bearings, look no further than Quad Industries. We provide quality bearings that can be made within your quantity level and budget. Here are the aluminum bearings we provide: 

  • Oil & Gas Pump Bearings: Oil and gas pumps made with aluminum bearings offer better temperature control and resistance to fatigue. 
  • Aluminum Pump Bearings: Our aluminum pump bearings are incredibly versatile, being used in a variety of heavy tooling machines such as hydraulic gear pumps and combustion engines. 
  • Aluminum Compressor Bearings: These pieces are often used to connect rod and main bearings in internal combustion engines as well as industrial compressors. 

Our team at Quad Industries is committed to providing top-notch service and products. We believe in showing our customers that we care through the products we make, our fast and reliable delivery, and our attentive customer service. Call us at 1-800-344-6222 or get in touch with us through our website to begin your aluminum bearings order today.

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