Our Babbitt Bearing Products

Quad Industries offers a range of 100% Babbitt metal bearings customized to your specifications and project size. Browse by category or contact our experts directly to get started.

Product Categories

Thin Wall Bearings

These lightweight bearings are ideal for energy-efficient, high-performance applications.

Heavy Wall Bearings

Heavy wall bearings are designed to handle more load than thin wall bearings for the same shaft size.

Centrifugal Cast Bearings

Centrifugal casting gets rid of impurities and imperfections for stronger, longer-lasting bearings.

Aluminum Bearings

These bearings are highly resistant to corrosion and good conductors, making them a long-lasting, cost-effective choice.

In-House Support for Streamlined Service

We offer the following services in-house to minimize delays and maximize efficiency.


If you don’t see the Babbitt bearing you need, Quad Industries can design it for you.


We engineer each tool and bearing to your exact specifications, according to industry safety standards.


We already have everything we need to complete your bearing project.


We create the parts and components you need from high-quality raw materials.


We create the unique shapes and textures your high-performing bearings need.

Ready to Get Started?

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