Quad Industries’ 100-Year Journey in Bearing Manufacturing

Quad Industries' 100-Year Journey in Bearing Manufacturing

Since 1909, Quad Industries Inc. has proudly produced the finest Babbit bearing products right here in the U.S. Our team members, many who have been with us for decades, take great pride in the work that we do. Keep reading to learn more about our Babbitt bearing products, our team, and our legacy. 

Our Babbitt Bearing Offerings

Over the years, our tried-and-tested designs have aided our loyal clients in the machinery and work that they do each day. Here are some of our regularly offered products. If you are in need of a custom design, don’t worry! We also have in-house support that can help with specialty orders. 

  • Thin Wall Bearings: These versatile wall bearings are useful in a variety of applications, such as pumps and compressors, medical systems, to racing go-carts. 
  •  Heavy Wall Bearings: Our heavy wall bearings can be created in ranges from .175 to 1 inch or greater. These pieces are typically found in heavy duty pumps and turbines that produce more force than thinner counterparts. 
  • Aluminium Wall Bearings: Aluminium wall bearings are unique in that they don’t require a lining, since the tin is already blended into the aluminum alloy. These bearings work well in harsher environments and have a good load-bearing capacity. 
  • Centrifugal Cast Bearings: Centrifugal cast bearings are quite unique in that they are made with Babbitt metal and are manufactured using centrifugal force along with a chemical reaction. These bearings are used in high-speed rotating equipment such as chillers, motors, pumps and compressors to name a few. 

The Quad Industries Inc. Legacy

  • American Made: We are committed to using 100% Babbitt Metal and American-made tooling for every product, every time. We have been based in Bradford, Tennessee for decades and always will be. 
  • In-House Support: We offer in-house services to minimize delays while maximizing efficiency and satisfaction with our products. Unlike larger companies, we offer custom, quality design and materials that are thoughtfully constructed each and every time. 
    • Design: If you do not see the size or shape of Babbitt you need from among our online product offerings, we can custom design Babbitts to fit your needs.
    • Engineering: Each tool and bearing is engineered to your exact specifications and according to industry standards. 
    • Machining: We create parts from only the highest quality raw materials. 
    • Stamping: Our team can create the unique shapes and/or textures your high-performing bearings require. 
  • ISO Certified Manufacturer: Quad Industries Inc. has been ISO certified since 1998. This certification means that we provide products with an elite level of quality and customer service that is recognized internationally as we exceed certification requirements year after year. 

Quad Industries Inc is proud to be a producer of Babbitt bearings, helping companies find effective solutions for their machines. Feel free to reach out to us via our website or by phone at 731-742-3903. We hope to work with you soon! 

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