Small Company, Big Advantage: What Sets Quad Industries Apart

Quad Industries Babbitt Bearings

When considering which company to get your bearing parts from, it may be tempting to order from large companies with flashy advertisements and well-known names. However, bigger companies sometimes make promises that they fail to deliver upon. Quad Industries is different. We are proud to be a small business that is committed to precision while being customer-oriented. We know we have unique advantages to offer our clients. Keep reading to learn more about them!

Advantages of Working With A Small Company 

  • Custom Approach: Small businesses can offer their clients more personalized and customized services. While larger corporations have one-size-fits-all solutions, we are happy to work with you to get you the products you need.
  • In-House Engineering and Design Support: We have expanded our machining and metal stamping facilities to offer more services and reach the high standards that our customers deserve. Previously, these facilities were for internal use, but are now available for industrial stamping and commercial machining for our loyal clients. We still maintain the same bearing manufacturing capabilities, which allows us to provide attention to detail that larger companies may not be able to provide. Our products include: 
  • Care & Attention: You’re not just another order to our team at Quad Industries. While other companies may make you talk to a machine, Quad Industries offers real-time customer support with personable staff. You’re always a priority with us. 

Quad Industries Core Values

  • Friendly and Reliable Customer Service: Your time and money is valuable, and trusting us with both is not something we take lightly. That is why we offer friendly, supportive customer support that gets the job done. 
  • Rapid Response Times: We pride ourselves on our on-time delivery record, which we have maintained for years. We know that not having the parts you need can hold your business up, which is why we work hard to get orders to you on or ahead of schedule.
  • Ongoing Professional Relationships: Our continued relationships with many clients are a testament to our quality and reliability. Once you begin working with Quad Industries, you can expect care and attention now and in the future. 

Quad Industries is proud to be a small business that delivers big when it comes to customer service. Contact us at 1-800-344-6222 to get started with your Babbitt bearings order today!

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