Quad Industries Unwavering Commitment to Quality

Quad Industries Babbit Bearings

Quad Industries has been proudly producing quality Babbitt-bearing products since 1909. This longevity is thanks to our dedication to producing the best quality 100% Babbitt metal, using American-made tools all the while. Our commitment to client satisfaction is reflected in our ISO certification, which we have achieved yearly since 1998. 25 years of ISO certification is a testament to our diligence. Let’s discuss what this certification means and why Quad Industries is the right choice for you. 

ISO Certification & Quality Assurance 

  • ISO certification is a set of quality management systems standards set by the International Organization for Standardization. These standards help organizations ensure they meet customer needs within regulatory requirements related to a product or service. Our ISO certification gives you the reassurance that Quad Industries produces bearings that meet the highest standards. In short, ISO sets benchmarks for businesses and consumers, giving life ease and improvement. 
  • Ordering from Quad Industries means knowing exactly where and by whom your products were made. Every shipment is traceable to the production lot number, through final inspection, and to the heat number from the steel mill. Our transparent and thorough process means spotless quality and on-time delivery records that can’t be beaten by our competitors.
  • For Quad Industries, a small company size means that we can provide personal attention to each client. Our company is the perfect size to provide world-class bearing manufacturing services, design support, and analysis for projects of any size. Our process and people are what have continuously earned us ISO certification over the years.

The Quad Industry Difference

  • American Made: While other companies may outsource materials, we are proud to be American-made. We work hard to ensure we can work with clients to manufacture the exact product they need right here in the U.S.
  • Rapid Response Time: We truly appreciate your business and do not take the trust you put in our services lightly. That is why we work to have products delivered quickly and professionally.
  • Superior Customer Support: When you place an order with Quad Industries, you won’t ever be left in the dark about our products. We understand that we offer a range of babbitt bearings, and you may have many questions about the right fit for your needs. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable team with any questions you may have!

Quad Industries is proud to be ISO certified since 1998. This achievement is a testament to the unparalleled customer service, product quality, and attention to detail we have offered for decades. Contact us today at 1-800-344-6222 to get an order started!

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